Experience the benefits of selling your Flood Book of Business.

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Free Transfer on Death documents filed with FEMA/NFIP. 

Protect Your Flood Book.

Know Your Worth

Free Flood Book analysis.

Discover Its Value.

Earn More Money

Customized purchase packages to fit your specific situation.

No Obligations. No Fees.

Our Company

Your Nationwide Flood Insurance Source,

no matter the property, location or flood zone.

Are you tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of servicing flood? Look no further. As one of the nation’s largest flood-only insurance agencies, we are flood experts, and our customer service is second-to-none. We will purchase your Flood Book of Business, allowing you to earn more money, pay less taxes, and focus your office resources on other product lines.

If you’re ready to sell your Flood Book of Business now, or in the next three to five years, National Flood Insurance, LLC is eager to buy! We customize packages to fit your specific situation, we even offer three to five year payment plans.


  • Appointed with multiple WYO carriers for standard flood business

  • Appointed with all carriers for private flood options

  • Multiple carriers for unusual risks and excess coverage over the $250,000 FEMA limit


Since 2015, we

have purchased

24 books

in Alabama, Florida,

Georgia, Louisiana,

New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas.


As of 2021, we have acquired approximately 

8,000 flood policies throughout the United States.

Gross Premiums

We have procured policies with $6.4 million in gross premiums

as of 2021.

Retention Rates

Our retention department

operates at an 87%

to 91% retention



Need help with your Policies in Force report or filling out Transfer on Death documents?

Download these files to learn the steps to generating your Policies in Force (PIF) Summary Report and filling out Transfer on Death (TOD) documents.

Business Acquisitions

Our Business Acquisitions team is responsible for locating, negotiating, and purchasing Flood Books of Business. We do not churn or flip policies. Once purchased, you and your clients become part of our flood family. 

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