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In order to make an offer on a

Flood Book of Business, you must:


Generate your Policies in Force (PIF) SUMMARY Report:


Upload your PIF report here

for Analysis

1. Sign into the FEMA website:

2. Look for “I Want To... ” in the blue box, on the right-hand side, click on “Reports”.

3. Scroll down the center section and find “Agency Policies in Force” (under Reports).

4. Pick today’s date on the calendar for the “Active Date” and click “View Report”.

5. This is the PIF Summary report (see example below).

6. To generate the PIF EXCEL file to send, find the “🖫symbol, and click on the down “v” arrow. In the list, please choose "EXCEL”. The default file name will be "Agency Policies In Force.xlsx".

7. Click on the SAVE button and notate what directory (like Downloads or Desktop) the file is saved.

8. Make sure to add your NAME and EMAIL address somewhere on the Excel sheet so that we can get back with you.


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* Make sure your name and email address

are present on the PIF Excel sheet so an 

agent can get back with you.